We are known as one of the best IVF centre in Mohali for our exemplary treatments and affordable prices. Our clinic’s success rate in achieving pregnancy for women below 35 years is around 40% – 60%.

The use of donor oocytes has expanded the scope of assisted reproductive technology (ART) for women with poor oocyte quantity and quality. In vitro fertilisation with oocyte donation (IVF-OD) is considered to give better implantation, pregnancy, and livebirth rates compared to IVF with autologous oocytes. Maternal age, infertility factors, BMI, smoker status, and ethnicity reduce reproductive outcome. An increasing demand and a good success rate with oocyte vitrification programmes have led to the formation of oocyte banks, reducing the need for donor–recipient cycle synchronisation and allowing egg sharing.

Obstetric and neonatal complications with donor oocytes are significantly increased in comparison to autologous IVF and spontaneous pregnancies. The risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), pre-eclampsia (PE), prematurity, low birth weight and very low birth weight are increased, as is the need for operative delivery. The age group of these patients and the increase in obstetric and neonatal complications associated with multiple pregnancy, dictates the use of single embryo transfer. As increasingly older women enter these programmes, concerns for maternal and fetal health necessitate guidelines to set an age limit for offering the procedure. Advanced paternal age is also raising concerns in long-term follow-up studies in neonates.

Oocyte or egg donation is the process in which an anonymous fertile woman donates altruistically her eggs to an infertile woman for assisted reproduction. The ovaries of the donor are stimulated using fertility drugs to produce several healthy ova (eggs). On the day of IVF the donor's eggs are retrieved and inseminated with the patient's husband's sperms. In case of fertilization the resultant embryo is transferred into the uterus of the infertile female partner ensuring that the ovaries do not hyper stimulate. They have to registered in undergo test as per ART Banks. Donor can donate only once in a lifetime as per The Surrogacy Regulation Act 2021.

Before females donate eggs, they have to undergo certain screening tests at oocyte donation centers in Chandigarh & Mohali in order to decrease the risks of passing on diseases or deformities to any resultant child.

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  • There can't be a fertility and gynae clinic better than Jannee. Even minutest of problems were taken care of with concern and caution. It was a wonderful experience. I hope to see Dr. Bhasin and the staff of Jannee very soon again.
  • Me and my husband were counselled so well for all treatment options here. At every step we knew the details and felt confident.
  • My dream of becoming a mother was fulfilled at Jannee. I am indebted for life to this clinic and the doctor.
    Menka Kamboj
  • Before I had my baby girl on Jannee, I battled PCOD for 3 long years with the assistance of Dr. Nirmal Bhasin. During my treatment, Dr. Nirmal was my sounding board, ensuring that I did not panic and that I understood each procedure carefully before it was performed. Conceiving with PCOD was a difficult and emotional process, but at Jannee Fertility Centre, I braved my way through it all.

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