Happy 11th anniversary to our Jannee Fertility Centre! Thank you to all of our patients, friends, and Jannee family!

Meditating our way to good health and fertility!
Dr. Nirmal Bhasin and the Jannee team organised a mandala meditation camp for their patients on the occasion of 11th anniversary of Jannee Fertility Centre, Chandigarh. Meditation is known to reduce stress, regulate hormonal cycles, and increase fertility. The mandala session conducted by Honey (#soulgrounding) left the patients feeling rejuvenated and positive. #janneeturns11 #janneefertilitycentre #guidedmeditation #boostyourfertility #infertilitytreatmentinchandigarh #ivfclinicinchandigarh

Success Stories

  • There can't be a fertility and gynae clinic better than Jannee. Even minutest of problems were taken care of with concern and caution. It was a wonderful experience. I hope to see Dr. Bhasin and the staff of Jannee very soon again.
  • Me and my husband were counselled so well for all treatment options here. At every step we knew the details and felt confident.
  • My dream of becoming a mother was fulfilled at Jannee. I am indebted for life to this clinic and the doctor.
    Menka Kamboj
  • Before I had my baby girl on Jannee, I battled PCOD for 3 long years with the assistance of Dr. Nirmal Bhasin. During my treatment, Dr. Nirmal was my sounding board, ensuring that I did not panic and that I understood each procedure carefully before it was performed. Conceiving with PCOD was a difficult and emotional process, but at Jannee Fertility Centre, I braved my way through it all.

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