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Heartwarming IVF Story of a Patient – Best IVF Treatment Centre

Inspiring stories from our patients documenting their unique journeys at Jannee fertility centre.

This story provides an honest, heartwarming look into the trials and triumphs our patients face, and hopefully offer a glimpse of what makes Jannee Fertility centre a place of hope and possibility.

She entered my cabin with a wedding album of her son in her hand.
She was crying incessantly and showing me the wedding pictures of her son , who was a handsome 24 year old boy. Destiny had its own course. 6 months ago she lost him to a road side accident in London.
With great difficulty I gathered myself & tried talking to her.
She said only one thing …
Doctor Nirmal Bhasin! My son is waiting to come back to me. Please help me!!!
At 49 years of age I would not recommend her to conceive especially with a recent emotional trauma.
After she calmed down I tried explaining to her that she should look after her daughter & daughter in law. But she kept saying – her son wants to come back.
I explained the prognosis through Ivf with the help of egg donation.
She said – anyways do it.
It’s the soul that is longing to come back.
I was so touched with her words & we went ahead with Ivf with ovum donor and she conceived.
She is now blessed with a son who has made her life meaningful.
She calls me often & visits my clinic with her son (now not the picture in the album)whenever she is in India.
Dr. Nirmal Bhasin Says” My success is when I am remembered fondly by her”

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Such a heart melting one! God bless her and her son!

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