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Fertility preservation

Infertility today is a global issue. Recent years have rise in the number of couples opting for fertility treatments. But success of fertility treatments depends on the age of couple.
Today due to various reasons such as prolonged education, career commitments and late marriages, fertility planning has taken a back seat among urban couples.
Fertility issues in ageing women can be treated by consulting reproductive medicine specialist . Today one can protect eggs/sperm/reproductive tissues and use in the future to have a biological child. Though initially started for cancer patients, the process today is widely used for other beneficiaries as well.

Those who have been exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace or during military duty.
Those who have severe endometriosis /uterine fibroids.
Those who are about to undergo cancer treatment.
Those who are about to be treated for an autoimmune disease, such as lupus.
Those who have genetic disease that affect future fertility.
Married couple who delay reproduction for personal reasons.
Unmarried single male/females.

For Males:

Sperm Cryopreservation: In this process the semen sample is frozen and stored for future use in a process called Cryopreservation.

For Females:
Embryo Cryopreservation:

It is the most common and successful option for pre serving a female’s fertility. It includes ovarian stimulation with hormones to produce more eggs and are retrieved from the ovaries by a fertility specialist . The eggs are then fertilised with sperm from her partner or a donor in an embryology lab through In vitro fertilization.

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