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Happy 11th anniversary to our Jannee Fertility Centre! Thank you to all of our patients, friends, and Jannee family!

Meditating our way to good health and fertility!
Dr. Nirmal Bhasin and the Jannee team organised a mandala meditation camp for their patients on the occasion of 11th anniversary of Jannee Fertility Centre, Chandigarh. Meditation is known to reduce stress, regulate hormonal cycles, and increase fertility. The mandala session conducted by Honey (#soulgrounding) left the patients feeling rejuvenated and positive.
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Jannee Fertility Team now available at Sangha Hospital, Ropar every Friday

Keeping in view the increasing demand for a fertility specialist in Ropar, Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, Director Jannee Fertility Centre, has started Infertility  OPD at Sangha Hospital. You will get the best treatment of in vitro fertilisation, Chandigarh. She and her team would be available there on every Friday of the month from 12 noon to 3 pm w.e.f. 9 December 2016.

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Another Successful Fertility Camp At Ropar By Jannee Fertility Centre

Counselling Session with Patients
                        Counselling Session with Patients

As a part of monthly free fertility camp at Sangha Hospital, Ropar, Dr. Nirmal Bhasin of Jannee Fertility Centre, Chandigarh counselled and guided a number of patients for free on 21st August, 2016. These camps are being organized to make people aware about treatment options and to remove the taboo of infertility from rural areas.

You can also visit our website Jannee Fertility Centre and follow us on Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the latest blog on fertility issues.

DR. BHASIN AS PANELIST AT INSTAR, 2016 – Organised by GIFT IVF Centre, Kochi


Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, Director- Jannee Fertility Centre, attended the 2-Day INSTAR Panel Discussion on ART Bill and Surrogacy at Kochi on 13 & 14 August, 2016.

Recently the Government of India has drafted a bill which bans surrogacy in India for foreigner and NRI couples to prevent exploitation of surrogates. The panel discussion was organized to debate for and against the bill. Dr. Bhasin was invited as a panelist to put forward her view points during the following two sessions:-

* ART Bill & Surrogacy
* Should Foreigners be allowed Surrogacy

Some of the points that came forward during the discussion were:-

* Indian passport holders should be given fundamental right to avail infertility treatment options just like Indians at home.

* Barring foreigners may be taken against the fostering of International Brotherhood.
* A regulatory body may be established to check for loopholes and exploitation.

The Panel Discussion concluded with interview of various surrogates in which none expressed any distress or exploitation.

IUI Success After 5 Years

Success in IUI in not very high; it only about 10-15%, but when a baby results from a positive IUI everyone has the reason to be elated – the treatment is cheap, it is the least invasive of all ART procedures, and most importantly, our clients go home with a baby.
In this case, it was after 5 years of unsuccessful trying, this couple finally conceived with IUI.
As we always say, never lose hope.

IVF baby – Polio Stricken Patient

General health problems may sometimes lead to difficulty in conceiving, and IVF usually works well in such cases.
This is the picture of a baby boy born to a lady who suffered polio. I think he is adorable.

Free Camp for Women, Jannee Fertility Centre, Chandigarh

International Day of Action for Women’s Health was celebrated on 28th May, 2016 at Jannee Fertility Centre, Chandigarh through a camp in which free ultrasound and free screening for breast and cervical cancer was done for patients.

Fertility Camp at Sangha Hospital, Ropar, Punjab

Dr. Nirmal BhasinA lot of hustle and bustle was seen in the premises of Sangha Hospital on account of a free fertility camp organized by Jannee Fertility Centre. The camp was held on 26th June 2016 in order to bring fertility treatment at the doorstep of people in and around Ropar. Jannee Fertility Centre keeps hosting such free camps each month to treat childless couples and to increases awareness about infertility.

Dr. Nirmal at a Theatre Festival

Pictures of Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, as the Chief Guest at a theatre festival at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16, Chandigarh.

IVF Chandigarh

IVF Chandigarh