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Violence on doctors – The new epidemic!

Let us all remember that doctors are healers & no doctor wants to see a patient untreated or succumbing to death.

The increase in violence on doctors is not because of poor health care. In fact the health care has improved in our county with upgradation of technology.
What has degraded our profession?
It’s the approach & mindset of people to get results instantly and lack of patience. Social media & government are also responsible for this distrust.
Critically ill patients used to die earlier also but it was accepted as the law of nature.
The society needs to be sensitised & made aware that medical science does not guarantee immortality.
The patient is the most dissatisfied customer.
Sorry to say that the patient became a customer after medical profession was included in the consumer protection act.
The emotional pattern of the patients relatives is from helplessness to hope & from hope to grief if they lose their loved ones.
In between hope & grief comes “anger”that’s when doctors are beaten up.
Besides doctors are taught to be noble & non violent.
We are already battling illnesses, long duty hours , deprivation from family time…..the list is endless.
And this noble doctor also loses his / her loved ones to death. Have you ever seen a doctor beat up another one ?
We understand that we are not God but we are not Devils either. We just apply our knowledge & experience to treat.Remember Life & Death is nature’s way.
Respect our profession.

Say no to violence against medical fraternity ?

Jannee Fertility Centre protest against attack on doctors
Save the Saviours

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