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Stress and infertility

  • Does Stress causes Infertility?
  • How can you deal with the stress of infertility?
  • Does managing stress improve infertility?

All the above questions lead towards infertility. Stress play an important role in causing infertility like those who were most stressed were 20% less likely to attain fertilization success.

  • High level of stress hormone halts ovulating and are therefore incapable to conceive.
  • High points of the hormone cortisol are linked to stress which outcomes in infertility.
  • The main reason of male infertility is sperm anomalies, with low sperm creation.
  • Researcher initiate that men who experienced two or more stressful life actions in the past year had a lower ratio of sperm motility.

How to overcome stress?

  • Massage may decrease infertility stress for some women’s.
  • Learning relaxation techniques and stress management plans.
  • Eat Healthy and exercise daily and remembering how to be good to yourself.
  • Before choosing any of these methods, however, check with your infertility specialist to be sure they are appropriate for you and will not restrict with your treatment.

It is not always that donor eggs or sperms are used. The IVF clinics in Chandigarh have all these procedures available and the procedures are done in a sterile fully equipped laboratory. So, couples who are trying to conceive should keep their faith and seek advice from a professional instead of giving in to the whims and fancies of the society and cultural taboos.

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