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Pregnant after 35 is not impossible

Women ages 19 to 26 years old had a slightly more than 50 % chance of conceiving on their ovulation days. Women ages 27 to 34 years old had a slightly less than 40 % chance of conceiving. Women age 35 to 39 had a slightly less than 30 % chance of getting pregnant.

 Your Husband Age considers more if You’re Older Than 35

women ages 35 to 39 with likewise aged partners had a conception rate of 29 %. But, if their male partner was five years older, their success rate declined to 18 percent.

If Someone Don’t Get Pregnant Within Six Months, Discuss with your Doctor

 It’s always good to get fertility tests done after just six months of trying if you’re 35 or older. If there are fertility issues found, you will be more likely to have success in treating it sooner than later. If there are no noticeable fertility problems, your fertility expert may advise you continue trying to conceive naturally for another few month, and come back if you still don’t get pregnant.

When look at pregnancy success rates for fertility drugs, or for fertility procedures like IUI or IVF, keep in mind that age and cause of infertility matters. Your chances for pregnancy achievement with IUI treatment at age 27 is very different from when you’re 37.

Healthy Living Can Help Boost Your Odds of Conception.

Though tempting, don’t assume your age is the only reason you’re not conceiving quickly. When you’re over 35, you previously have your age probably working against you. It just makes good sense to be sure the issues you can control are working for you.

For example:

  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce your caffeine consumption
  • You must have at a healthy weight—neither under nor overweight
  • Avoid sugar highs by choosing a healthier diet
  • Cut back on alcoholic drinks

 Healthy Living Can’t Stop Age-Related Fertility Decline

 Living a healthy life won’t stop age-linked fertility drops. It’s true that certain unhealthy habits can increase the rate of fertility decline. For example, women who smoke have eggs that age quicker.

Although, it’s also obvious that men and women who eat a healthy diet, exercise, and stay away from unhealthy habits still age (of course!), and therefore experience age-related fertility decay like anyone else. If only we could stop aging all together with more veggies and daily exercise.

“A word from Jannee Fertility Centre”

Try to live a healthy lifestyle, be sure to see your doctor for an overall wellness check, and if you don’t get pregnant after six months, talk to your gynecologist or IVF specialist.


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