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ivf myths

IVF Myths and Reality, you Need to Know

Female Fertility and age

  • Myth: You don’t have to worry about female fertility beginning to fall until age 35
  • Reality: Female fertility is declining by age 28 or earlier.


IVF and Female Age:

  • Myth: IVF is for women who have left it too late.
  • Reality: most women who have IVF started trying for a baby in their early 30s.


Male Biological Clock:

  • Myth: age does not affect male fertility.
  • Reality: Male fertility shows significant decline by the late 30s


The Fertility equation:

  • MYTH: Fertility issues are a female problem.
  • Reality: Male fertility problems are as common as female ones.


IVF Only Solution:

Myth: IVF is the only solution for all infertility problems.

Reality: IVF is one of the treatment options available for infertility amongst basket of options. People have conceived merely losing weight by modifying lifestyle as well as timing intercourse with awareness of fertility window. these are other options like induction of ovulation with the help of medicine and intrauterine insemination (IUI) etc. also available. Jannee Chandigarh IVF Centre wants to fulfil your Dream of parenthood.


IVF Risk Factors

  • MYTH: IVF is Associated with lots of risk factors.
  • Reality: Not true. With newer methods of stimulation protocol the risk factors associated with IVF are negligible. Even the chances of multiple pregnancies can be decreased by following single embryo transfer policy especially in young women.


After Family Planning operation:

  • Myth: After family planning operations, it is not possible to conceive again?
  • Reality: One can conceive even after family planning procedure with IVF Technology.


Infertility, like any other medical condition is not brought upon an individual by choice, but happens due to several reason and strictly requires medical help. Dealing with infertility is challenging and exhausting. Jannee Fertility Centre, the best IVF centre in Chandigarh and Best Infertility Clinic in Chandigarh is here to help provide best infertility treatments.

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