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infertility and depression

Infertility & Depression

Thinking about infertility All day long Racked with Guilt Feeling worthless or Ashamed Persistent Feelings of sadness, Feeling Socially Isolated, Not Enjoying Activities, You Once did Frequently feeling Anxious experiencing panic attacks, quickly become frustrated or angry trouble in concentrating or remembering things, relationship is suffering, Struggling with sexual performances Appetite issues Sleeping Disorders.

Research shows that, as a group, women with fertility complications are as concerned and depressed as women with cancer, heart disease, or HIV. One cause may be that the physical difficulties of fertility treatments, including blood tests, pills, ultrasounds, egg retrievals, daily hormone injections and surgery, can be a cause of pressure and emotional confusion.

Also, humanity often fails to identify the pain caused by infertility, so people struggling to conceive tend to hide their grief, which only increases feelings of shame and separation.

If anyone being treated for infertility and are feeling signs of depression, talk with infertility Specialist. She can refer you to a therapist who focuses in cognitive behavioural therapy as well as a psychiatrist who can support if essential. For many couples, short-term psychotherapy is effective in helping to resolve feelings of depression, particularly when combined with self-care plans such as relaxation methods to remove pointless stress, meditation and exercise. Give yourself consent to grieve, don’t feel remorseful about avoiding baby attentive events and keep in mind that for most people, infertility is a temporary crisis.

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