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Embryo Adoption

It is among the latest methods of family building, which combines assisted reproductive technology with adoption. So instead of adopting a baby infertile couples can instead adopt an embryo.
Infertility Specialist Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, “Technology in Infertility treatment has allowed us to freeze embryos.” In other words, embryos can be adopted years after they were made.

There are also better techniques available to allow women, even those who have undergone menopause to carry a child. “Within two weeks we can ensure, with tablets and an injection every day, that the women’s endometrium- the inner lining of the uterus -is thick enough to sustain a pregnancy as per Dr. Nirmal Bhasin.
If you adopt an embryo, the whole world sees you pregnant. You don’t have to publicize that it was someone’s egg and sperm. The law says that you are the biological mother as you have delivered the child. Moreover, you get to feel the baby kick, you go through labour as well as breastfeeding.
When a couple comes up for infertility treatment, the doctor treats her medically to harvest the maximum number of eggs. Then we create many embryos per couple on the presumption that a couple may need to undergo many cycles to get pregnant. Many get pregnant in the first attempt and instead of throwing their other embryos, they allow us to donate them.
Where Do you Get Embryos From?
During IVF Cycles, young women often produce many eggs and therefore embryos. The supernumerary embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196degree Celsius. if the parent gets pregnant they often agree to donate their embryos to the infertile couple.
Embryo donation is usually treated as a closed adoption. There is no contact between the donating couple and the recipients. The recipient’s couple is under no obligation to inform the obstetrician that the pregnancy has been achieved through embryo adoption.
Unlike in traditional adoption, there is no legal process. The couple “biologically adopts” the embryo. For the infertile couple, embryo adoption offers the unique opportunity to experience pregnancy.
It is not Surrogacy:
In surrogacy, a woman carries the child of the infertile couple. In embryo adoption, the child that the couple carries is the child they will Parent.

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