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6 Low-Cost IVF Treatments That You May Not Know About

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a manual process of fertilization which is usually adopted by females looking for assistance to conceive. Infertility is increasing these days due to the lifestyle being adopted by the couples these days. The reasons can be traced easily in both males and females. Fertility treatments tend to be the best way to sort the problem being faced by the couples. Most patients from countries like UK, USA, UAE, and Australia travel to India for infertility treatment because India offers low-cost options of IVF for NRI couples.


A noteworthy obstacle for some couples considering IVF is the cost. Here are few choices you may not know about which would help with the expense of IVF treatment.


Find an Infertility Clinic that Does Shared IVF Cycles


A shared IVF cycle is the one where two women go through the first part of the IVF process at the same time. One female donates some of her eggs to another female who cannot use her own eggs in exchange for a reduced rate determined by the fertility clinic. You can save up to fifty percent on your IVF cost in this way.


  • IVF Research Trials for Inexpensive Treatment


Some infertility facilities have IVF exploration or treatment trials that give IVF subsidies due to which the cost of the treatment lowers down. Research online for such type of facilities and check whether there are any you fit the bill for. You will have to do your assessment, on the IVF centre to ensure that it is respectable, in addition, look at the office to ensure that the staff is good and the rooms and equipment are perfect. An IVF trial will be reasonable, and you might even get a free IVF treatment. For free treatment, some criteria’s are set by the clinics.


  • Find Sterility Clinic that does Shared Donor Egg Cycle


The shared donor egg program can reduce the cost of IVF treatment up to 50% or can be combined with shared risk refund program for the same cost as a single traditional donor egg cycle. With a shared egg donor cycle, two or three women share eggs from a donor and also share in the cost of the IVF treatment.


  • Consider Undergoing IVF Treatment in India


IVF costs outside the developed countries can be considerably low. IVF treatment is inexpensive in many countries, including India. Costs can be as low as $ 6,000 and there are excellent doctors, facilities, and treatments. However, you need to do the research to determine exactly what is covered in the price of the treatment, as well as take into consideration the cost of travel and lodging.


  • Consider Mini IVF


The difference between mini IVF and conventional IVF, is the drug and hormone regime that take place first. Low doses of fertility drugs are used for ovary stimulation. With mini-IVF, less but good quality eggs are produced. The rest of the process is same where the woman is monitored throughout the drug regime process; egg retrieval, embryo fertilization, and embryo transfer all takes place as the conventional IVF method. The cost of this mini IVF is significantly lower.


  • Check your Insurance Plan for Fertility Treatment Cost Coverage


Check to see if your insurance company covers the cost of fertility treatments. Some insurance companies cover some if not all of in-vitro fertilization treatment. Some countries have the provision which requires the insurance companies to have some sort of IVF coverage, usually in the form of infertility diagnosis and treatment.


low costs of ivf in india


We hope this has given you a starting point in finding ways to make IVF treatment affordable for you. There are low costs of IVF in India options, you just need to know where to look and find the option that works best for you.


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